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The Trapiche Eco Amazon Lodge , is the dream of Florival Guedes that for 18 years fights for his achievement and today is one of the most sustenaible hotel of the amazon


The Trapiche Amazon Eco Lodge is located approximately 70 km to the west of the city of Manaus - AM and the right bank of Colossal and Majestic Rio Negro, also being the vicinity of the second largest river archipelago of the world's fresh water, the Anavilhanas .


Come  and live the Fauna and Flora of the Amazon, know our culture , the life of the riverside communities and our welcoming people .


The Trapiche Eco Amazon Lodge awaits you!

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The place is too beautiful , the tours are very interesting, the Lodge is comfortable and cozy and all the staff is first rate, all very attentive

- Maria Velasco

Place blessed by God , where hospitality makes us smile and nature renews us . It is always a privilege to be able to return in this place

- Zilmar Oliveira

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The Trapiche Eco Amazon Lodge has a comfortable environment, with a large area, restaurant, WITH CAPACITY OF UNTIL 60 PEOPLES, kitchen.. we have an area os "siesta" with hammocks and lots of books of curiosities of the amazon..  and all the lodge is connected by walkways, which gives a close contact with the jungle. another feature is when the wind touches the trees around them , you can also have the impression that it's raining , thus causing a feeling of relaxation and greater contact with nature. also counting with a tree " Itaubeira " , presenting a foot format.

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